Patchan Has Extreme Goals

Author: Christian McCollum

ScottPatchan2Scott Patchan knows his goals may be high and unconventional for a defensive end, but the 2015 Florida prospect doesn’t care.

“This going to sound ridiculous, but the fastest I’ve ever run a 40 is a 4.5 and I’d like to get down to a 4.4,” the 6-foot-6, 230-pounder from Tampa’s Freedom High School said. “That’s one of the goals I have on my list.

“It’s unheard of for a big man to move that fast. I feel like if I’m a big man moving that fast, I’ll have versatility on the defensive line for sure. I have many goals that are unheard of because I want to be unheard of. I want to be that freak athlete that everybody talks about.”

He’s not kidding.

“This one is going to sound crazy, but to be the first defensive lineman to win the Heisman,” he said. “I know (Ndamukong) Suh was one of the finalists when he was in college and there was some talk of Jadeveon Clowney winning the Heisman, but obviously he played poorly and was waiting for the Draft.

“I believe that if I work harder than anybody and I put in the time and effort, I think I could be a Heisman candidate. I know it’s crazy to talk about it because it’s so far away, but that’s just one of the goals I have.”

Patchan also wants to get up to a 40-inch vertical and hopes to set sack records in high school and college.

“Set them high, what’s the worst that can happen? You can’t reach them, well oh well, you set them extremely high and you’ll still land somewhere,” he said. “I heard a saying, ‘Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ What’s the end result of not reaching your goal? You still worked hard and hopefully got close to achieving what you wanted to.”

For now, he’s playing basketball and will run track in the spring, which he hopes will help him get down to that magical 4.4 number.

“I just need to eat, train, sleep right and take care of my body,” he said. “The way I was taught is your body is a machine and you have to change some of the things you put into the machine like food. You need to take the right supplements to feed your body and give it all of the nutrition it needs. You need to work out and practice hard and everything pays off.”

Patchan is off to a great start and already has more than a dozen offers from schools like Notre Dame, Miami, Tennessee, Clemson, Ohio State, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Boston College among several others.

“Everything is going great,” Patchan said of the recruiting process. “A bunch of schools came by (during the contact periods). Alabama came by, Vanderbilt came by and a bunch of other schools came by.”

He’s also stayed in touch with the Irish.

“I keep in contact with them on Facebook and Twitter, exchanging messages with Coach Tony Alford,” said Patchan. “He just sends me picture of the school, talks to me about the school. It’s a very beautiful school, I can tell you that.”

The junior defensive end is hoping to get to South Bend in the coming months.

“I’m going to try to get up there in the springtime or early summer,” he said. “I haven’t seen many schools to be honest, but I plan on visiting many schools to see what everybody has to offer.”

Patchan is hoping to visit as many of the schools that have already offered as possible and also listed Alabama and LSU as other colleges he wants to see.

He already has a good idea of what he’ll be looking for in a college.

“I’d like to have a good relationship with the head coach,” he said. “I have to have a good position coach, great academics, great competition. Wherever I want to go, I want to compete. Just somewhere I could see myself having fun for the next four years. When I say ‘fun,’ I don’t mean like Johnny Manziel, go-out-and-party fun.

“Somewhere I could enjoy myself in the college atmosphere and a university I could be proud to say I went there and had fun, played football with those guys and made friendships that lasted for a lifetime. That’s my definition of having fun in college. I don’t need to go out and party because that’s just more weight on your body.”

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