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Author: Joseph Bradshaw

DarianRoseboro2With new Notre Dame defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder now on the job, it will be interesting to see what, if any, changes take place in Irish defensive recruiting.  It’s still too early in 2015 recruiting to get much of a read on whether the Irish will be looking at different types of players than in the past.  And while a number of new scholarship offers on both sides of the ball have gone out, it’s still too early to make any definitive judgments.  Last week Irish Sports Daily  reported on two defensive recruits that the Irish hope to someday see in Blue and Gold and judging by the interest each has already received from some of the top football programs in the United States it’s clear that they would attract Notre Dame’s interest regardless who coordinated the defense.  What have you been missing by not being a member of Irish Sports Daily?

Marcus Lewis, CB, 6-2, 190, Gonzaga College High School, Washington, D.C. recently received a scholarship offer from Notre Dame.  Lewis was excited about the offer, partly because it was Notre Dame and partly because his former teammate, Devin Butler, is currently on the Fighting Irish roster.  Lewis reached out to Butler to let him know he’d been offered by the Irish.  Butler’s response, “you better come out here and visit.”

Lewis received his offer from Notre Dame assistant coaches, Scott Booker and Kerry Cooks.

“They just said they were going to offer me a scholarship and they want me to come down between March 1st and April 12th to see them practice and see the campus a little bit,” Lewis said.  “I don’t have an idea exactly when right now.”

According to Lewis, the Irish have been recruiting him for some time now.

“They said it was about that time to pull the trigger and offer me,” he shared.  “I was just thankful and blessed to receive it.  Notre Dame is a great school, not only for football, but academically.”

Lewis also acknowledged that having Butler there would be a plus.

“He said it’s a great school, they have a great team,” Lewis said.  “He said it’s a brotherhood there; the coaching staff is great, the school is great.”

Lewis, a sophomore when Butler was a senior, served as the current Irish cornerback’s backup.  Not only did he learn the game of football from Butler but also gained insight into the recruiting process.

“He said to just stay humble and stay hungry,” Lewis explained.  “He said not to let it overwhelm me and to just stay focused and get my schoolwork together.”

Unquestionably Lewis’s size has played a role in college recruiters beating a path to his door.  Additionally, the Gonzaga standout believes that coaches like his willingness to tackle.

“I’m good in press man,” he said.  “I’m physical at the line of scrimmage and I can tackle.  Most corners don’t really like to tackle, but I’m physical and will get in there and tackle.”

In addition to Notre Dame, Lewis also holds offers from Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Clemson, Maryland, Michigan State, Virginia and Virginia Tech in addition to numerous others.  However, he claims that no one holds an edge at this point.

“It’s still too early,” he explained.  “I’m just going to visit, see some schools and see where things go.”

While Lewis has yet to take any visits, he plans to change that soon.  On his current visit list are Kentucky, Florida, Florida State and Miami.

Though he doesn’t currently have any favorites, he does know exactly what he’s looking for in a university.

“One, first and foremost, is academics,” Lewis stated.  “Number two, somewhere I could come in and play early.  Three, somewhere I could fit in with the coaching staff and players and socially how the people are; somewhere that just feels like home.”

Notre Dame’s recruitment of Lewis reflects their need for top-flight cornerbacks but it’s well known that a good pass rush can make any cornerback better.  That’s why the Irish coaching staff has set their eyes on Darian Roseboro.  Roseboro, DE, 6-5, 265, Lincolnton High School, Lincolnton, NC spoke with Notre Dame defensive line coach Mike Elston last week and was informed of his scholarship offer.

“It’s overwhelming,” the North Carolinian said.  “I’m just happy I have the opportunity to play Division I and be able to have offers to these schools and to be able to evaluate which one I want to go.”

Roseboro (pictured) says that it’s his athleticism and attitude that most coaches mention when evaluating his play.

“Quickness, playing sideline to sideline, being aggressive and getting after it,” he said of what he’s heard from coaches.

Roseboro seemed very impressed with his Notre Dame offer citing the school’s tradition and success in putting players into the NFL.  He also said that the Irish coaches have made it clear that they will be down to visit him sometime this spring but it seems likely that he will make it to South Bend first.

“They said they’d be down in the spring, but I’m going to get up there for a couple of spring practices,” he informed.  “I’ll be looking to see the campus from an academic standpoint and just getting around the players and getting a feel for the players.”

Roseboro acknowledged taking a couple of local visits but plans to really hit the road this spring.  In addition to Notre Dame he hopes to trek to Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio State and a couple of others.

Like Lewis he has established his priorities for what he wants in his final destination.

“Where I’ll be more successful from an academic standpoint with the degree; somewhere that I know I’d fit in with the environment; somewhere I feel comfortable.”

These two summaries represent just a sample of the Notre Dame football recruiting information available each week on Irish Sports Daily.

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