Overstreet Sees ND, Plans Return

Author: Christian McCollum

KellenOverstreetND1After visiting Notre Dame for the first time, Kellen Overstreet knows what he needs to do next and he plans to do it.

The 2015 Missouri running back attended the Irish’s Junior Day in South Bend on Saturday.

“I got to see the campus,” the 5-foot-11, 200-pounder from Penney High School said. “I really liked the campus and athletic facility, the Gug. I liked touring that, it was a real interesting building. I really liked the different things that were going on in the building.

“I liked the coaches. They were very sincere. I really liked their honesty in this whole thing and telling me where I stood with the recruiting process. Just being friendly and being who they are, I really liked that.”

The Irish’s honesty with Overstreet, who is still looking for his first offer, will likely result in a return visit this summer.

“Right now, I just need to come back,” he said. “They know that I can play football. They just need to see me out against higher competition. They want me to come back for the camp in June. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be able to do that.”

The Hamilton, Mo., product left South Bend feeling good about the trip and the interest from Notre Dame.

“It’s very exciting,” he said. “It’s a pretty cool deal. Knowing that I’m coming from a small town to a big college with a history like this, I think it’s pretty cool.”

Overstreet has been recruited by Notre Dame assistant Bob Elliott, but had the chance to meet with Irish running backs coach Tony Alford on Saturday.

“It was nice getting to meet him and getting to talk to him what he expects out of us and what we should expect out of him,” Overstreet said of Alford. “He’s a real cool guy. He takes everything real seriously, but he’s also laid back. He sounds like a real good coach and I’d like to get to know him more.”

Alford’s message was clear, according to Overstreet, “Just to give it all I have and just to work hard, don’t hold anything back and keeping working hard.”

That will certainly be Overstreet’s approach when he returns to compete at Notre Dame’s camp and when he performs at the Nike Football Training Camp in Columbus, Ohio in June.

“I’ll just go in there with confidence,” he said. “I know that just because I’m coming from a smaller school doesn’t mean I can’t compete. I just have to go in there with a lot of confidence.”

In addition to the athletics and the academics, Overstreet was impressed with just about everything at Notre Dame.

“I like that everything is pretty much in walking distance,” he said. “It’s not too big, but it’s big enough.

“The tradition and all of that and kind of what most people think about it. It’s not just about football, after college it’s about more than that. I think that’s really important.”

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