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Thread: Nice if ugly win against Detroit

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    Nice if ugly win against Detroit

    Like to see ND gut out this early season game against a potential Horizon League contender, especially sans Abro. The boys better spend some extra time on free throws over the next week though.

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    PC came to play in the 2nd half. Alex Dragicevich is still shakey with is shot. Overall, a gutty win.

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    We did this with virtually no senior leadership since Martin seemed oddly absent in terms of production and Abro was out. Atkins had the flu and it showed. Role players and youngins put the yoke on their shoulders and brought the win home. Grant, Brooks and PC come to mind.

    Detroit is supposed to unseat Butler as the Horizon champ this year so this is a pretty good win when you consider no Abro, a sick Atkins and neither Martin nor Knight have their sea legs yet after being out for so long. We really had only 7 or 8 players available last night to play a team that the announcer said relies alot on defense and fast break points.

    Just a gutty ugly win brought to us by our youngins. You have to have some of those if you are going to have a successful season. It extends our 20 game home win streak. It sends the message to Brooks, rant PC that they belong on the court every game now if we are to win so play efficently (no TOs).

    PC was the bench and had unbelieveable numbers in his 20 minutes.

    Grant is going to be a blur to the shooting guards of most opposing teams.

    Brooks is really learning how to use his ecellent athleticism in a niche. Steady offensive role player who is learning how to get the ball in the basket while making few mistakes and playing good defense. McCallum started out 3-3 from 3. He was 4-17 from then out and the 6-6" Brooks I have read was a big reason for that.

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    I thought it was really weird when ND had 1 scholarship bench player when Knight was in the lockerroom.


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