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Thread: Adam Breneman selecting school March 9th

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    Adam Breneman selecting school March 9th

    Adam Breneman ‏ @AdamBreneman87

    I am now ready to make my decision. I will be announcing my commitment on March 9th at 7 pm in the Cedar Cliff HS gym. Open to the public...

    Final 4 ....ND,PSU,OSU, & Terps
    My guess is PSU
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    If the buzz about Niklas moving to TE is true, it would seem likely that Brenneman will choose PSU, his lifelong favorite. The junior TE form Florida Huererman, has ties to tOSU, as his brother plays there, so ND may not end up with their top two choices.

    Matuska visits this weekend, and is less celebrated than the other two kids.

    Too bad on Brenneman to State Penn as they will suck for at least 3 years before their recruiting gets back on track. This year's State Penn recruiting class was just awful.

    Niklas may turn out to be a significant addition to the offense. This is why Kelly recruits big skill athletes.

    If we had just beaten USF, UM and FSU, ND would be singing a completely different tune recruiting wise, both the 2012 class and next year's class.

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    I say Ohio St

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    I expect Breneman to choose Penn State and for Heuerman to choose Ohio State. I would love for ND to get Hunter Henry from Pulaski Academy - Little Rock, AR - he is a big time TE that is very similar to both Breneman and Heuerman. (I've had the chance to Henry him play a couple of times now) Unfortunately I think it will be very difficult to get him away from the SEC, specifically the swine in Fayetteville.

    Don't know much about Matuska, looks like a more pro style TE than a spread TE though. Maybe someone can tell me more about him.
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    I don't see it being ND, and I guess that's all that matters. I just don't see it happening. Good player, but I really like Heuerman, and they've got a good shot at him.


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    Looking like Penn State is going to be the choice for Breneman. Just find it difficult to understand how any other school can boast a better tradition of use of the tight end than Notre Dame. O'Brien must be a heck of a persuasive person. Someone ought to remind Mr. Breneman of the "wild" success of the last NE Patriots OC who made the jump to college football head coach.


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