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Thread: I hate Mark may!!!

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    I hate Mark may!!!

    Mark May The Notre Dame Hater from ESPN said he thought ND scoring with under a minute was running up the score and he didn't feel that was right yet He had nothing to say of Oklahoma St putting 84 points and passing for TD's in the 4th Quarter or West Virginia dropping 69 on their opponent!!! Mark May is a complete D-bag, and by the way is alma mater Pitt lost to Youngstown St!!!! LOSER!!!

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    Mark May has always been and will always be an ND hater. Either he gets paid really well to contradict what Lou Holtz has to say about ND or he's upset he never got a scholarship to play for ND back in the days. Either way, yes he's a D-bag.

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    Mark May is so 2009. I've learned to ignore him.

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    Mark May is a jerk. The only thing for the IRISH to do is win and ignore him.


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